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If you are a geek and obsessed with Windows Home Server then we would like you to join our blogging team. We are looking for motivated people to join us at mswhs.com. Writing skills are not essential BUT enthusiasm is, as well as a knowledge of Home Server.

You would be writing the latest news, reviews, how-to’s or just about anything, as long as the focus is on WHS or it’s related industries. You may want to write on a regular basis (monthly, weekly or even daily) or you may have a one off article that you want us to publish.

Perks of being a part of the team include press-pass entry to conferences, software freebies and of course name recognition for writing for the web’s largest dedicated Windows Home Server resource.

If this is something you would be interested in please email your contact information and a sample of your writing style, being sure to show us your personality and creativity.

Send your application to PhilipChurchill at mswhs dot com.

16 Responses to “Write With Us”

  1. Barry Heath Says:

    Hi Phil,
    I have purchased and received an HP EX745Home media Server, and installed it yesterday. I am having two problems I’m hoping you could help me with. I wanted to install a copy of Diskeeper Trial software, but I can’t get it to install through the software add in folder. Any ideas on how to accomplish this. HP has nothing on their site for the Home Server yet, so I’m stuck. The other thing is working around the UPnP. My router (Dell 2350) doesn’t seem to have UPnP, and I’m sure there is a work around for this.
    Barry Heath

  2. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Barry Heath,
    To install the Diskeeper Trial software, you need to Remote Desktop into the server machine and install the msi file directly from there NOT from the add-ins directory.
    If your router is not UPnP compatable you will have to forward the ports in your router. For a list of ports see here and for details on how to do it see here and select your router.

  3. whsuser Says:


    What are we planning to support in the second half of 2008?

    Note the Windows Home Server vNext

    Application Virtualization 4.5
    Commerce Server 2007 SP2
    HIS 2006 SP1
    MOM 2005 SP1
    SQL Server 2008
    System Center Essentials 2001
    Windows System Center VMM 2.0
    Windows Essential Business Server
    Windows Home Server vNext
    Windows HPC Server 2008

  4. John Owen Says:

    I puchased a HP EX475 WHS and added two WD 1TB Green Drives along with a Kingston 2GB memory stick (KTH-XW4300/2G). The box is now hosting my email (MDaemon) along with the backing up of my home network. I found that Firefly iTunes Sharing) doesn’t work with Apple TV. I tried installing iTunes on the box but although the ATV could see the library it would not sync or play DRM controlled content. I resolved that by installing MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 and created a Windows XP Pro SP2 VM with iTunes installed. That works perfectly and has the advantage of effectively running as a service. As a result I now only have 1 PC where I had 2 and I also removed one network switch. That’ll help my electric bill. I also upgraded my main switch to 1Gbit but never see much above 10% utilization even between gigabit enabled devices and the server.

  5. shiva Says:

    I recently installed WHS on my AMD X64 machine. I also added 1 other additional hard disk where I had media content. While I have shared some of the media folders on the additional drive (including the web share option), I am unable to see these folders online when I log in through the domain on homserver.com. How do I make these folders available on my webpage. Please note that default folders like video, music software etc. are available online.


  6. Bent Vester Says:


    I’ve recently installed WHS 120 days evaluation on a Eee Box, perfect, and now I want to install a proper license!

    It seems that I have to use “Add License wizard” to install a new license, but I cant find that wizard, I would be greatfull, should you have a hint(s)

    Thanks in advance

  7. Daniel Says:

    both of my computer are Vista business & found that can’t make connect with HP home server , pls adv. how to fix it ?

  8. Gonzalo Says:

    Hi Phillip,

    I have bought the HP Home server EX 470, I have networked with the popcorn hour media tank A-110. When I access the shared folder videos i can only see the windows media files but I cannot see my *.mkv or *.iso files.

    I went in the forums and they tell me that I need to change the permissions on the folder to be able to show all types of files. could you please let me know how I can do this?


  9. Diehard Says:

    I’ve run into the same problem. You should have guest mode enabled BTW. If I access WHS Shared Folder from my Popcorn Hour, I can not see my files, if I use PV connect, I will not see .ISO because PV Connect does not support .ISO file extensions. I had to create a network share on the popcorn hour with my user name and password on the WHS pointing to my Videos folder on the WHS. This is a smb share. Then you have to press “ENTER” on the .ISO folder not “PLAY”

  10. mjn1 Says:

    Hello, Phillip
    I have an HP Media Smart Server with WHS. And I have a Sony VAIO Desktop VGC-JS160J computer. It is an all in one computer. The server won’t recognize the the network device in the PC Restore mode. I have installed the drivers from the pc restore folder from a backup of this computer. I have two notebook pc’s on the same network that have network devices recognized and receive a server login. I was told that I may need a USB\Ethernet adaptor for this device. I don’t know if that will work please advise.

  11. Jan Says:

    Hi Philip,
    I purchased Scaleo Home Server. Working well then I activated Power Management.
    There are “default” up-times (0a.m. – 6a.m.) marked “WHS backup time” and I scheduled my personal up-times (4p.m. – 12p.m.). Now I see Scaleo use only “defaults” and ignore my up-times. I see also diferent collors of events in scheduler. Default up-times are shadow and personal up-times are blue. This should be irrelevant.
    Would you advise, please? Thanks a lot!

  12. Andy Says:

    WHS HP EX475.
    Appearly the WHS downloaded a new version of WHS Connector and it wanted to update the PC Client. So it request that the previous version get uninstalled. So I allowed it.

    After the PC rebooted, the new Connector install routing started running but than stopped with an error message:
    The version of the Connector software does not match the version of Windows Home Server. Uninstall old version from add/remove programs control panel. But there is no entry for the WHS software nor the connector software. How can I clean up any residual remains left over to allow the install of the new Connector software on the PC?


  13. Ajith Sukumar Says:

    Intrested in getting WHS but not sure if i can get the server itself. I have a capable computer of running it but i still want to have regular functionality on that PC. Will browsing, gaming, word processing et.c. still be there.

    Thank You
    Ajith Sukumar

  14. jankees Says:

    i lost my server
    can i put the data drives in e new whs

  15. cliff Says:

    Problem with old HP WHS 470 ended up buying a new WHS EX 490 and I want to see my old files from the hard drives (had 3 drives from WHS 470. How do i see my old files again.

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