Access your Shared Folders

You can access your shared folders on your Windows Home Server by either clicking on the “Shared Folders on Server” icon on the desktop or by right clicking the Windows Home Server tray icon and left clicking the “Shared Folders” text.

You may also map your shares to a drive letter on your PCs (client) by using either one of the following:

A: In My Computer, select Tools, Map Network Drive in XP or Computer and Map Network Drive on the header in Vista. Then select the letter you want to assign from the drop-down list, then click BROWSE. This opens a network navigator and you can select your server and the share you want. Finally, before clicking OK select the Reconnect at logon box to make the drive come back next session.

B: Click Start then Run and type cmd for XP. In Vista click the round orb and in the Start Search box type cmd.exe. In the box that opens type this command: NET USE <drive letter:> \\<server name>\<share name>, where <drive letter> is the drive you want to map to followed by a colon, <server name> is the name of your WHS server and <share name> is the share you want to map to. You need to add /PERSISTENT:YES to the end to make the share remains constant when you restart or log back on.






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