Add-in List

This is where a comprehensive list of available add-ins for Windows home Server will live! So, if you fancy being the compiler/writer of it please get in touch if you are up to the role!

Download mirror’s for Marcel Nouwens uTorrent add-in (info)

Download mirror’s for AnyServiceInstaller 1.0 (info)

33 Responses to “Add-in List”

  1. William Says:

    Hi, nice site!

  2. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi William,
    Thanks, glad you like it.

  3. samira-mp3 Says:

    Good site!
    The biography and music Samira!!

  4. Sherman Says:

    I heard that WHS has over 50 ADD-ins already. Can you guess how many Add-ins will be in a year or so?

  5. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Sherman,
    Can you imagine 100+ add-in’s from this time next year…Wow!

  6. Jeshimon Says:

    Thanks for all the work you have done here. I REALLY appreciate it!

  7. Kevyn Says:

    I’m looking forward to a Mail Server add-in to become available. For me this is the only thing missing from WHS.

    Where are these 50+ add-ins?

  8. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Jeshimon,
    Thanks for your comment, its our pleasure.

  9. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Kevyn,
    I agree a mail server add-in would be excellent.

  10. Martin Says:

    With so many add-ins available now and hopefully more to come the ultimate add-in will have to be an add-in organiser. I find it difficult to horizontally scroll through the tabs. Why not have one tab called add-ins that displays all the installed add-ins on the console workspace.

    Hey they could be arranged in groups with little boxes drawn around them. It could be called add-in manager. (tongue firmly in cheek)

  11. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Martin,
    Good idea. Any developers want to develop Martin’s “Add-In Manager”?

  12. Simon Hoare Says:

    Martin / Philip

    If no one has taken up the gauntlet, this is something I’d be willing to take a look at. If anyone has suggestions or comments on how you’d want a “Add-In Gallery” tab to function, please let me know.



  13. Martin Says:

    Simon, the gauntlet is yours. You may want to talk to Brendan wrt this comment
    It looks like Philip will have collected our email addresses so Philip feel free to pass my email address to Simon and we can discuss the possibilities.



  14. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Simon Hoare and Martin,
    Great stuff. I love it that the WHS community is so passionate. I have emailed you both each others email address. Keep us informed.

  15. Dave Says:

    Great Site you have here. Just got my Home Server from HP about 2 weeks ago and so far so good. Your site is great and very informative. Thanks again.

  16. Philip Churchill Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Glad you like it – Thanks.

  17. Simon Hoare Says:

    Hi All

    Just to let you know have made some progress with this Add-In Manager. I have a functioning version serving the main Add In windows for defined “managed” Add-Ins. Just putting together the Settings Dialog, and will hopefully be able to send something out for people to play with after this weekend



  18. Philip Churchill Says:

    Thanks Simon Hoare, looking forward to it.

  19. Martin Says:

    Sounds great Simon,
    Not surprisingly I will be happy to test out your efforts


  20. Philip Churchill Says:

    This add-in list is still in the process of being done. Any body fancy doing it?

  21. Simon Hoare Says:

    Hi All

    Apologies for being so quiet of late. Had a bout of illness, and then had to catch up with the work I missed.

    Am now back with my head above water and will be spending my time on completing the Add-In Manager this weekend



  22. Philip Churchill Says:

    Welcome back Simon Hoare. Glad you are feeling better.

  23. Big G Says:

    I tried WHS but could not seem to get it talking properly with my Windows Home Basic System. I tried a couple of things that I had read but nothing seems to help.

  24. Scott Huotari Says:

    I could not open the file from either of the two mirror sites.

  25. Sandy Says:

    I could not open either of the mirror sites. Also where are all of these add-ins? Would really like to try some of them as a new WHS user.

  26. Sandy Says:

    Never did get any answer to my post of 18 Feb. Is there anybody out there?

  27. Marc Says:

    Does a comprehensive list of add-ins exist?

  28. Chris Says:

    A good list is on the WeGotServed website,, they have reviews and they are organized pretty well.

  29. Robert Gareb Says:

    When you connect remotely, you get a window that gives you option to upload or download files, go up or down one level
    However I can’t find any way to upload or download directories
    Surely there has to be a way
    Can anyone please advise

  30. Xaneth Says:

    I guess I missed the boat on this addin, not even any mirrors left!!!

  31. Josphine Raatz Says:

    I was trying to get the feed for the RSS for your blog but it is not showing up in Google Chrome. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  32. Andy Says:


    I’m looking for an addin that doesn’t exist yet to my knowledge but from a parents point of view would be a god send.

    I’d like to be able to configure PC’s in the house to go through a Proxy server hosted on my WHS, what’s more I’d like this proxy server also to mange the time people (my kids) spend on line.

    I know that within Win7 Family Safety you can set what times they can go on line but what I think is a better option is that I give them a overall limt, for example 2 hours per day of their choosing!

    I can also use the proxy server to do what it does best i.e. control and monitor sites visited.

    Thoughts anyone.


  33. Don Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I apologize if I have misunderstood your requirement, but working under the assumption that I have not, an inexpensive SOHO router will allow you to track the sites they are visiting–particularly if you flash it and load any of a number of freeware/shareware (m0n0wall, OpenWrt, Tomato, dd-wrt, etc.) systems onto it. Furthermore, you may setup the amount of time the children are allowed access to the web, as well as the sites they may visit(including IP ranges, keep in mind how Classes of IPs are handed out to assist you in ensuring they visit only .edu sites for example; if this becomes a requirement in the future).

    Good luck Andy.


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