Hi, my name is Philip Churchill. I live in Kent here in the UK with my wonderful wife Sharon. ;-)

For the last 10 years or so I have been a PC Engineer, an OEM system builder of PCs and a PC help slave to friends and family (I am sure we have all been there!). I would hope by now that I had a 99.9% knowledge of computing, but like most of us that PC tower in the corner of the room still has me scratching my grey matter every now and again.

I have also been a Microsoft beta tester since 2004 bug busting numerous software applications including Vista and Windows Home Server.

Well what is this site about then I hear you cry ask?

Microsoft’s Windows Home Server (WHS). One of the best ever products to come out from Redmond in the US. WHS will automatically backup and restore your PCs and allow you to share and access files from any machine in the house as well as giving you remote access to those files and PC’s as well. WOW! believe me this is good. So good that I have started this website. That’s how impressed I am with it.

So Hopefully ;) with my PC knowledge and my “hands on” with WHS my experience’s will be written here along with tutorials, articles, information and relevant news.

For Now


for the MS Windows Home Server website.

A server for the people !!!


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