AGAIN Do not use Advanced Format disks in WHS v1

After our warning the other day about using advanced format hard drives in version 1 of Windows Home Server, Microsoft have also published a Knowledge Base article explaining the problem.

The article (KB2385637) explains that if you are using one of these drives in Windows Home Server v1 for either Server Backup, the Storage Pool or System Disk then you will experience performance degradation even if using the manufacturers provided alignment tool.

Microsoft’s Recommendation is:

Do not use Advanced Format disks in your Windows Home Server v1.

Although these disks will work in Vail, version1 users should take note of Microsoft’s guidance:

It is important to note that some hard disk manufacturers are releasing Advanced Format drives in the same base models as traditional 512 byte sector drives. Because of this, it is critical that you make sure that the drive you are purchasing is not an Advanced Format drive if you are running Windows Home Server v1. Before you purchase a disk drive, review the product specifications or visit the manufacturers Web site to ensure that the drive is compatible with Windows Home Server. Be aware that Advanced Format drives are not always clearly identified on the retail packaging.

KB2385637 is available to view here.


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2 Responses to “AGAIN Do not use Advanced Format disks in WHS v1”

  1. KJ Says:

    Does this mean that the use of a jumper (as adviced for WD Caviar Green 2TB) is no longer recommended?

  2. Derrick Says:

    At present I have 3-2GB WD Caviar Green(jumper in use) running on my WHS v1 with no problem and they have been running now for more than a year. I would not be surprised if it was already 2 years by now. I do not have the 3.0 upgrade installed because I did not purchase the discs. Now what the whole thing crap out on me right after I post this. btw, I am also running MSSE 2.0.657.0 as my A/V and it seems to be doing fine as well. Now for sure the thing is going to crash.

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