How to Test Vail Using VirtualBox

"How to Setup and Install Windows Home Server “Vail” Beta on VirtualBox" is another great tutorial from the guys at the website "How-To Geek".

Vail in VirtualBox

Oracle’s VirtualBox is free virtualization software which is a great way to test out Windows Home Server codename Vail.

While we had no problem installing Vail on VirtualBox, but it didn’t run as smoothly as it did on VMware products in our tests. However, if you’re a fan of VirtualBox and want to try out Windows Home Server Beta “Vail” without the need for another machine, this will do the trick.

You can read their tutorial here.


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2 Responses to “How to Test Vail Using VirtualBox”

  1. rbonini Says:

    Was planning on doing just that next week.

    Thanks for sharing, Philip.

  2. mysticgeek Says:

    Thank You for the mention! Now we have covered testing Vail on VMware Products and VirtualBox! Several free ways to get it done!

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