Add-In: Ten Atoms DNS Updater

DNS Updater is an add-in which enables you to remote access your Home Server website using a vanity URL instead of the default supplied sub domain.

DNS Updater Logo

The add-in by company "Ten Atoms" supports the following hosts:

  • DynDNS
  • NO-IP
  • ZoneEdit
  • DNS-O-Matic
  • Open DNS

The add-in is $19.99 and a 30 day trail is also available as well as additional information from here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot recommend this version ( as the Ten Atoms DNS Updater service continually crashed the WHS console and the add-in had to be uninstalled on my test system.


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4 Responses to “Add-In: Ten Atoms DNS Updater”

  1. Al West Says:

    It’s worth noting that many home routers will work with some of the online dynamic IP hosts.

  2. sub_serverant Says:

    Gee, how about Its totally free and has hamachi!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Like Al mentioned, most routers support at least one or two of these DNS services. I use DynDNS on my Netgear router and have used it on two old Linksys routers.
    Also, DynDNS (and most likely some of the other free dynamic dns providers) offers a client which you could install on the Homeserver: For free. I find $19.99 far too much for something that is available for… err… nothing… :)

    But actually, I do not see the sense in this add-in, unless you are for example a DynDNS customer who is at the same time hosting their domain at DynDNS – I mean, dynamic dns is already offered by WHS!

    Instead, I have purchased a domain (www. something .com) and modified it’s DNS to forward requests to my address. This is a one time purchase for the domain ($10) and it automagically gets me to my WHS…PLUS I have a *real* domain…isn’t this a better solution? (In addition, my host offers free e-mail, etc. etc.)

  4. Add-In: Ten Atoms DNS Updater : Home Server Blog Says:

    […] ist Vorsicht geboten! Wir selbst konnten das Add-In noch nicht testen, doch bei MSWHS gibt es wohl Probleme damit, so dass die Windows Home Server Konsole ständig […]

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