Get 3 months HomeServerSync Online Backup For Your Home Server FREE

The HomeServerSync add-in from Tranquil PC is now available for Windows Home Server users.

HomeServerSync Banner

HomeServerSync allows you to access your Home Server services from anywhere in the world, protect your files even more, and sync data between PCs, using the Home Server itself as a ‘personal cloud data server’ !

There are 3  components to HomeServerSync, that provide the ultimate in data security, remote access and PC to WHS to PC synchronization:

  1. 100GB of offsite backup storage is included with more available if needed.
  2. Provision of a unique private network, allowing full access to WHS Console and WHS Shares from anywhere in the world, via internet connection.
  3. Multi PC synchronization system that not only protects data but means that one PC can receive or send updates to ‘shared’ files and folders on other PCs


And the pricing is good too with the annual subscription costing just £139 with 100GB of storage for your data.

And now the best news of all… as an reader we have a special deal for you, by using the promo code M023 when registering your details you’ll receive an additional 100 extra days absolutely FREE, which means 465 days instead of the standard 365 days.

How to Get your 100 Days FREE:

  1. To find out more request the free 15 day trail by emailing
  2. You will then receive an email with the registration link, which you should visit and enter the promo code M023
  3. Once the subscription is purchased your 365 day subscription will be automatically extended by 100 days to 465 days for FREE

More information on HomeServerSync including its top 10 features, how it works, the data center used and the security of your data are available from here.


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7 Responses to “Get 3 months HomeServerSync Online Backup For Your Home Server FREE”

  1. Bob Crook Says:

    In my trial of this product so far I have found one installation issue (vpn) and one running issue in that it did not upload a closed PST file. I have now uninstalled the program but intend to reinstall again. A surprising factor is that there is no documentation at all instead relying on old beta reviews.

  2. Bob Crook Says:

    Have reinstalled and this time everything seems to be going well but the upload seems incredibly slow. Supposedly just over 1 gb uploaded in a near 28 hour period.

  3. Bob Crook Says:

    I stopped and restarted the service but this has made no difference to what should have been uploaded by now. I think I shall visit the web site and see if anyone else has had or has not had success.

  4. Bob Crook Says:

    I tried to backup a closed PST file but after 14 hours it says it has backed up 451mb. I have now stopped the service. Am now going to test the VPN service. So far not impressed at all.

  5. vincent Says:

    I found a good backup service at It offers scheduled backup, virtual hard drive and ftp solution. You should take a look their prices are really competitive.

  6. Bob Crook Says:

    TranquilPC offered me a second trial and have updated their add-in zip file. We shall see.

  7. Bob Crook Says:

    205mb in 18 hours. Have cancelled. Cannot recommend.

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