How To Add System Restore to Home Server

If you remote desktop into Windows Home Server you may have noticed that there is no "System Restore" under Accessories/System Tools, which would be handy if it was available, especially after installing a dodgy add-in.

To the rescue comes Tranquil PC, who have posted a .reg file and a .inf file which will both add the relevant entries to bring "System Restore" to your Home Server machine.

System Restore - Welcome

System Restore - Properties

You can find the 2 files necessary to restore the "System Restore" feature to WHS here.


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3 Responses to “How To Add System Restore to Home Server”

  1. Andrew Edney Says:


    There are some gotchas using this method. Check out the comments on my post here:


  2. Philip Churchill Says:

    Thanks for bringing the gotachas to my attention on using this method Andrew.

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