No Spyware Protection Error Message

If you use Windows 7 with Windows Home Server then you may have noticed that the WHS system tray icon will go red and indicate "No spyware protection" for a brief moment every time you reboot your PC, even though spyware protection is installed.


And this occurs every time the Windows 7 machine is rebooted, but thankfully this can be easily resolved and is accomplished by changing the "Security Center" service item from an automatic delayed start startup to just plain automatic.

Richard Hay has the details here.


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2 Responses to “No Spyware Protection Error Message”

  1. Richard Hay Says:


    The Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Beta that was just released to the public also eliminates this false report!

  2. Troels Says:

    Thanks for the tip.
    More annoying in my opinion is that “firewall is off” will be reported when you shut down a computer. Perfectly correct, of course, but irritating,

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