Drive Balancer for Adding Hard Drives

The Drive Balancer app is designed to balance data distribution to all disks in the pool in Windows Home Server, ideal for when you add a new hard drive to your Home Server and it doesn’t necessarily start getting used for a while.

While Microsoft has made changes to the usage of the Landing Zone (as in it doesn’t exist anymore), some people’s systems might still be in a non "evened out" state and wish to correct this.

The latest version of this app (1.05) can be downloaded from here, but make sure you thoroughly read the readme and usage notes before using.


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One Response to “Drive Balancer for Adding Hard Drives”

  1. bigred Says:

    I was just wondering if this will actually help with system speed or not?

    I just added 4TB to my system. The old 1TB drives are at 90% and very little is on the new 2TB drives. I read that once only 20gb are left, then WHS will use the new drives exclusively. Does it make a performance difference to balance out ahead of time?

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