Add-In: P80

Version of the add-in P80 is now available for beta testing.

The add-in P-80 (aka project 80, aka port 80) is a website which allows you to get Home Server information, such as server health, services and share and user information on any computer any where.

Version (8th July 2010), includes the following changes:

  1. Run Scripts on WHS from P80
  2. Cloudberry Backup is no longer supported in P80
  3. Performance Counters (CPU Usage, Memory Usage and Network Usage). Displayed in P80 and in the browsers title bar.
  4. Check for new version and show link to download new version of p80
  5. External USB HDs and Backup HDs have a new color (Blue). Now they only change color to red when the capacity is 10 percent or less.
  6. Time to backup is now fixed.
  7. If the session state expires then the user is kicked out of P80. Default time is 20 minutes. This can be changed in the web.config file.
  8. WHS Console – P80 settings tab now translated
  9. Shutdown now added to AutoExit capabilities. Force Shutdown was the only option before for shutdown methods.

This latest version can be directly downloaded from here – (ZIP file)

Any questions or feedback on this version should be sent sent to


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