Help Test HomeServerSync

Today the HomeServerSync Offsite backup add In from Tranquil PC goes to final beta.

Tranquil are pleased to confirm that the HomeServerSync Suite of products is now almost out of beta.
The VPN / Sync modules are still in beta, and are working well – with just a few issues being resolved.

We have had approx 26.5TB transferred through the VPN tunnels, with over 1800 PCs connected.

VPN Beta users have enjoyed unlimited fast remote access to the WHS console / WHS RDC / WHS Shares / WHS backups etc along with RDC / folder access to all PCs  on their private VPNs – many want it forever, and are relying on the VPN for daily use ! 

The Sync tool is very flexible is use, and although designed for PC <> WHS synchronisation has been used for WHS <> WHS synchronisation too (ie mirroring WHS data folders) – not officially supported, but possible.

The add-in provides off site backup for your Windows Home Server and the central management console for VPNs and PC / WHS Syncs.  The beta (not including the VPN / Sync components) is available now for BETA testing.

So if you are interested in testing, email who will provide you with the download link and simple instructions plus you will be entitled to a discount once the final product is released later this month.

Normally the suite (VPN/SYNC/Offsite back of 100GB) would be £118.30 per year, pre-orders get this discounted down to £79 (all + VAT). Plus Order any SQA-5H unit before the end of July 2010, and receive a FREE 12 month subscription to HomeServerSync which will be delivered to you once it is launched. The subscription will start from the day you install the application.

More information on HomeServerSync is also available from here.


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