Add-In: HomeServerSync – The Latest

Tranquil PC has released updated information on their HomeServerSync add-in which will be made available later this month.

We hope this Add In will truly ‘release’ WHS from the confines of the ‘home’ or ‘small office’ – creating your own ‘Personal Cloud Storage Server’

In essence the VPN component (part of the 2 way Sync we have created) delivers a unique service that has to be seen to be believed – having all WHS services available whether you are locally connected, or at the other side of the planet.

· Full access to the WHS console (incl opening PC backups) etc

· Full access to shared folders (ie your Media player will still see / stream the media files)

· Full access to the WHS desktop (RDC) should that ever be needed

· Full access to WHS network connected drives

The 2 way Sync component is just that, it sits on the WHS and the client desktop, and whether you are locally or remotely connected your files are safely stored.

· Client to Server updates

· Server to Client updates

· Updates in both directions

· Versioning control

· File deletion control

Offsite backup is again, just as it should be.  Change a file on a selected WHS folder, either directly or via the client desktop sync application and that file is encrypted / compressed and then saved to the offsite backup data centre (in Manchester).
The optional bulk upload function is now being completed, and when ready will provide a unique solution to ‘upload’ the initial ‘bulk’ data to the Data Centre via an encrypted physical HDD.  Getting your files back can be achieved via the WHS Add In, via a web browser  or by requesting a bulk download (reverse of bulk upload).

· Real time or scheduled ‘offsite backup’ to a UK data centre (off shore FTP servers can be selected for OEM partners)

· Back up in real time or every hour or at specific times

· Bulk upload option

· Bulk download option

· Files fully encrypted and compressed prior to transfer

All in all this is WHS unlimited

The latest news on the HomeServerSync add-in can be found here.


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