Air Video on Windows Home Server

Air Video is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch which enables you to stream videos in almost any format to it. If the videos are not in a format supported by iPhone, Air Video will convert them on the fly, without the need for you to wait until the entire video is converted so you can start to watch it almost immediately.

"Cyacene" on the Air Video Forum has posted details on how to get the Air Video server portion of the setup installed onto Windows Home Server, which is great news:

Programs needed:
Air Video server for windows
Windows server 2003 Installer Kit Tools
Any Service Installer
1. Remote into your WHS and make sure Bonjour is installed (my Acer EasyStore already had it), if not, install it.
2. Install Air Video on the WHS and point it to a folder that contains some video
3. Install the server 2003 Toolkit
4. Run "any service installer".
5. You need to point the Any Service Installer to the "tools" folder where the 2003 toolkit installed to. (default is program files)
6. Point the program to install as a service to AirVideo (default is program files)
7. Name your service "AirVideo" Click "Create"
8. Right click "my computer" and select "manage"
9. Go into "services", right click the AirVideo service and go to properties. Select the "log On" tab at the top
10. Select "this account" and enter your credentials (these will be the same as what you used to remote into the WHS)
11. Hit Apply and your good to go!


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One Response to “Air Video on Windows Home Server”

  1. Rich Says:

    Wow thanks for another informative post it works on the iPad as well I just tried it.

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