Add-In: Lights-Out 1.0.3

There is a new service release of the add-in Lights-Out.

Version 1.0.3. released 22nd June 2010:

  • Added Italian translation
  • Fixed force option bug in calendar task introduced in 1.0.1
  • Fixed need for lowercase email in license activation
  • Fixed sporadic problems saving changes in calendar editor
  • Fixed sending settings twice for IP and WHS clients
  • Fixed bug in network scanner when VPN network is active during scan
  • Fixed problems with duplicate clients (after OS Upgrade)
  • Fixed missing wake-up and backup times in computer tab
  • Changed detection of controlled services.
  • Optimized timing for clients to get online and run a backup
  • Block automatic client standby after resume for a period of 4 minutes when running on AC power
  • Kick start WHS connector on client after resume and after server WOL to speed up reconnect
  • When client wake-up occurred by timer, client is suspended after backup
  • Improved handling of client side suspend by WHS Connector
  • Updated LoPa (Lights-Out Problem Analyzer)
  • Signed with renewed authenticode certificate

Please follow these steps to upgrade

•Uninstall your current version using WHS Console, Settings->Add-Ins

•Delete old msi file found in \\Server\Software\Add-Ins

•Download new version and store in \\Server\Software\Add-Ins

•Install new version using WHS Console, Settings->Add-Ins

Clients will be updated automatically within 5 minutes when you have a licensed version or during the trial period.
Otherwise execute the client installer \\Server\Software\LightsOut\LightsOutClientInstall.exe to update the clients.
You don’t have to uninstall the previous version on the client.

In case of problems please use Remote Desktop to connect to your server. Then zip the entire folder
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LightsOut and send the archive to me.

The add-in as an MSI file can be downloaded from here.


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