DVBLink for ATSC and QAM Version 1.0B1

As you are aware we are fans of DVBLink which will allow you to install tuner cards into Windows Home Server if you so wish and stream the content across your network. But up until now it only worked with European content, but as off yesterday those of you in North America can now use the software too, as it now works with ATSC and QAM tuners (like the Hauppauge HVR 1250) bringing the signal straight to the DVBLink tuner.

This is the first beta release version 1.0B1 and does have the following limitations:

  • The EIT packets (guide data sent over the air) are not yet forwarded to Media Center
  • You might get a No Tuner Created message when scanning. In this case, try scan a second time.
  • If you have DVBLink Server 2.X or 3.X installed, you can hit “Skip” when the installer asks you to update your DVBLink Server.

To try it out head on over to 1geek1tool.

Many thanks to Garry [WMA] for the update.


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