Setup TwonkyServer 6 on WHS

A Product Manager for Twonky announced last week 9th June 2010) that starting with TwonkyServer version 6.0 there will no longer be a dedicated Windows Home Server build of the media streaming software. This was because the normal versions of TwonkyServer being much more stable and better performing due to them getting more testing and bugs being fixed much more quickly on these releases.

This does not mean that Windows Home Server is no longer supported by TwonkyServer, as the standard Windows version of the software can be installed on either XP, Vista, Windows 7 or WHS.

Install TwonkyServer on WHS 

But to install this latest version you need to connect to Home Server using remote desktop and create the share folder and configure TwonkyServer for it to work, and luckily for us Twonky have released a 8 page PDF document which takes you through these details, which you can download from here.


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